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The award-winning CUT THE ROPE app is brought to life with CONNECT 4 CUT THE ROPE. OM NOM is a curious little monster who loves to eat candy. But you need to get the pretend treats into his mouth first. Swing the rope to land 4 candy discs in a row. First to four gets to release the goodies and feed OM NOM!

Award-winning app, now brought to life

Experience the wildly addictive CUT THE ROPE game like never before! It’s the classic CONNECT 4 play you love, now with CUT THE ROPE style physics. Challenge another player to see who can cut the rope to get 4 candies in a row. First to four gets to release the goodies to feed OM NOM, the curious little monster! As an added value, the game includes an access code to unlock a special OM NOM video, wallpaper and ringtone online.

Feed OM NOM with 4 in a row

It’s CONNECT 4 play with CUT The ROPE action! OM NOM is at the bottom of the grid, just waiting for some delicious candies to drop. Can you CUT THE ROPE to get 4 candies in a row? Just place your disc in the rope, pull back and then let go! Try to land your discs to make 4 in a row. If you’re the first player to get 4 in a row, you get to drop the candies to feed OM NOM.

Let your candies fly!

Play CONNECT 4 with OM NOM, your favorite candy-munching monster from CUT THE ROPE. Place your disc in the rope, pull it back and then let it fly. The more you pull back, the further in the grid it will go! CUT THE ROPE in time to land your “candies” in the grid to get 4 in a row. Slide the release lever to let OM NOM eat his favorite treat!

Includes: Game Grid, 21 Red Discs, 21 Gold Discs, 2 Legs, 2 Base Pieces, Lever, Lever Housing, Funnel, 2 Label Sheets, Character Card, Game Guide


• A whole new way to play CONNECT 4

• Load the rope, swing and let the candy discs fly!

• Familiar CUT THE ROPE style gameplay brought to classic CONNECT 4

• A different game every time

• You never know where the discs will land when you cut the rope, so every turn’s a surprise!

• Game is quick to set up and easy to get right into

• Includes exclusive content, Access code lets you unlock a special OM NOM video, wallpaper and ringtone online.

For 2 Players

Ages 6 and up.


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